The Coyne Partnership, Inc.



Retaining a high end institutional consulting firm is extremely expensive (i.e. usually several hundred thousand dollars a month for several months). Retaining the Coyne Partnership can be a substitute in some cases, and a relatively inexpensive way to dramatically improve the value of a traditional consultant’s work in many cases.

With the Coyne Partnership, the only resource you pay for is the highest leverage, highest value resource. The top level thinking, problem structuring and insights. 

Perhaps the assistance you need emphasizes deep insight and thought with only modest quantities of analysis. That project does not need, and would not benefit from, the pyramid of lower level consultants who constitute the majority of a traditional consulting team (and fees), and who may contribute to the data gathering, but have less to offer by way of wisdom.

Perhaps you need a traditional consulting project, but could benefit from a more insightful articulation of the problem to be addressed—before you discuss it with prospective consulting firms, each of whom will define the problem through the lens of their capabilities, not though an objective assessment of your true needs. (“When your only tool is a hammer, a lot of problems look like nails.”) 

Perhaps you could use the perspective of a senior ex-institutional consultant when comparing proposals from multiple firms, or selecting the right firm.


Perhaps you want to ensure that the problem structuring phase of the work-plan is truly world-class, and the unique strength of your preferred institutional consulting firm lies elsewhere.

Or perhaps you simply want someone else with a world-class track record to review the emerging analysis to see what additional valuable insights may be hiding there.