The Coyne Partnership, Inc.




Former co-leader of McKinsey’s worldwide Strategy Practice, who is also a successful professor of Strategy, as well as a former biotech CEO and senior government official.

2013-2019,  Coyne Scientific, LLC  Atlanta 


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Launched start-up biotech services company that created a major advance in life sciences by creating world’s first population-level “Clinical Trials in a Dish” – i.e., stem cell-based in vitro drug safety studies of preclinical pharmaceutical compounds against genetically-diversified, representative samples of target populations. This proprietary testing platform produces significantly more accurate estimates of likely incidence and magnitude of adverse drug responses as a predictor of clinical outcomes, which could enable pharma companies to save up to $200 million per new drug developed. 

· Key scientific results: Validated theory and practice of platform for pharma industry and broader toxicology community. In 6/2018, co-authored ground-breaking article in peer-reviewed scientific journal, SLAS Discovery, which garnered impact score in top 5% of all scientific articles ever tracked by scientific publication tracking firm Altmetric. In 9/2018, co-authored second major article in peer-reviewed scientific journal, Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods.

· Key business results: Invested $7 million of own funds over 5-year period to build company from scratch and create world-class team of 12 employees operating out of state-of-the-art, highly robotized, commercial-scale lab and office facility. Primary author on patents in seven countries. Garnered significant interest among 14 of Top 20 global pharma companies in becoming clients. However, funding lapsed in 12/2018 due to industry-wide shift of bio-tech venture capital firms to investing exclusively in creating drug therapies (versus drug development tools).



2006-Present, The Coyne Partnership, Inc.   Atlanta

Co-Founder and Managing Director. Boutique strategy consulting firm devoted to serving clients on confidential, highly-targeted, C-level and Board-level strategy issues and to advancing state-of-the-art in innovation and business strategy. Key accomplishments:

· Industries served include: banking; beverages; catalog retailing; consumer finance; convenience stores; document management; health care; higher education; insurance; logistics; museums; publishing; quick service dining; trade associations; transportation.

· Advancing state-of-the-art in business strategy: Authored or co-authored multiple articles on business strategy topics for Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, Financial Times, Forbes,, MWorld, and Chief Executive magazine. Featured or quoted over 50 times in such media outlets as Wall St. Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Business Week, National Public Radio, Fox Business News, ABC, Fortune,, Economic Times and the Associated Press. Articles have been cited by academics in over 100 books, PhD theses and academic articles. 

· Advancing state-of-the-art in innovation: Co-authored critically-acclaimed book on innovation, “Brainsteering: A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas” (HarperCollins, 2011).  Excerpt in McKinsey Quarterly was its #1 most-downloaded article of 2011 with 116K unique downloads. Book was named to several “best” lists including Globe & Mail, 1-800-CEO-READ, and CIO Insight. 

2008- Present, Goizueta Business School of Emory Univ.  Atlanta 

Senior Teaching Professor. Part time position delivering a distinguished lecture series and teaching an elective course to MBAs on Advanced Strategy. Course has been one of the largest and most highly rated courses in the school every year. Awarded Professor of the Year in 2016.


2007 Harvard Business School    Boston 

Professor. A senior, but part-time, member of the faculty of the Strategy unit, teaching one section of the required first-year MBA course in Strategy.

1978-2006   McKinsey & Company  Washington, New York, Atlanta


Director (Senior Partner) in the world’s leading management consulting firm. Co-led McKinsey’s worldwide Strategy practice. Client work focused on corporate strategy, enterprise wide issues, and CEO counseling.

Brief Chronology:

1978 Hired as youngest Associatein the Firm that year
1983 Began two-year leave of absence to serve in Reagan Administration
1986 Elected Principal (Junior Partner). Sixth youngest partner at the time
1994 Elected Director (Senior Partner)
1994 Founded the Strategy Theory Initiative- revamping McKinsey’s approach to Strategy
1996 Appointed co-leader of the worldwide Strategy Practice
2004 Co-leader of a new practice area focused on CEO transitions


Leadership of McKinsey’s Strategy Practice

From 1996 through 2003, co-led McKinsey’s worldwide strategy practice. Conceptualized and led the redesign of McKinsey’s core strategy approaches. Authored numerous external articles on strategy topics in the Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly and others. Led the development of McKinsey’s new core framework for approaching strategy problems. Revamped the approach to training consultants in strategy, and the established a permanent infrastructure to assist teams facing new or difficult strategy proposals and studies for clients.


Examples of CEO/Board Work 

Worked one-on-one with over twenty-five different CEOs on one or more of the following subjects: setting the management agenda, corporate strategy, decisions to merge or sell the company, developing a new management agenda, top management organization (including decisions to hire and fire top executives), and integrated change programs. Examples include:

  • Seven year relationship as the only personal counselor to the CEO of one of the top      twenty banks in the U.S. Worked or counseled on every major issue he faced, including strategy, organization, executive personnel and organization, succession planning, decision to sell the bank, hostile takeover defense 
  • Seven year counselor to the owner/CEO of a private company undergoing a major      transformation 
  • Counselor to both the Board Chairman and the CEO of a medium-sized financial institution as they struggled with each other over the decision to sell the company 
  • The “impartial intermediary” among the four sets of owners of a $2 billion joint venture,      as they decided to fire both the Chairman and the CEO, and determined whether to default on $1 billion of debt, and to have one party buy out the other three 
  • Six year counselor relationship with the CEO of a large diversified financial institution, who became the COO following the $17 billion merger with a second such institution. Continued counseling him through a subsequent Board fight in which he replaced the original CEO. 
  • Seven year relationship with the Founder and Chairman of one of the largest fast food chains. Work involved corporate strategy, Board relationships, cost reduction,      marketing strategy, development strategy.


Functional Experience

In addition to CEO and strategy work, led projects across the full range of functional issues, including:

  • Corporate strategy: sale of company, businesses to acquire and divest, new sources of      competitive advantage, portfolio strategy, M&A tactics, preparation of company for sale, franchising strategy and tactics 
  • Financial strategy: capital structure, debt levels, company and stock price valuation,      investor relations, budgeting and planning processes 
  • Management agenda: developing an integrated agenda, setting management goals and objectives, program management 
  • Governance: Board structure  Board Committee structure and processes, relationship with government and policy oversight agencies, risk management 
  • Competitive Strategy: developing new value propositions and competitive advantages, influencing competitor behavior 
  • Operations and Cost Reduction: redesigning service operations, service process cost reduction, front-line selling effectiveness, administrative cost reduction, purchasing 
  • Marketing and sales: new product development, pricing, sales force effectiveness,      go-to-market strategy, sales force organization and compensation, promotion and advertising 
  • Information Systems: IT project prioritization processes, organization of applications      development function, CRM development 
  • Technology:  assessments of the business potential of individual technologies,      development of portfolio strategies, and organizing technology development and oversight functions 
  • Executive and Human Resources: dismissing senior executives, preparing executive reviews, succession planning, designing executive development programs,      compensation 
  • Legal and Product Liability: litigation strategy, scientific strategy in support of litigation,      preparation for debt default, depositions 
  • International Business, including work in: U.K., Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto      Rico, Trinidad, Ecuador, as well as assisting teams in over 30 countries 
  • Venture Capital: raising capital, writing business plans, assessing target companies for      investment, structuring deals, deal negotiations, replacing management teams, serving on the Board of Directors, adjusting strategy as the situation changed, and selling companies

Industries Served

  • Financial Institutions: Banking (enterprise, retail, consumer, wholesale, and investment      banking), life insurance (enterprise, individual, group, and re-insurance), property casualty (primary and re-insurance), retirement, asset management, personal and institutional brokerage, mortgage (residential and commercial), financial planning, healthcare (payor and provider)
  • Telecommunications: wireline, cellular, long-distance, video and internet services 
  • Consumer goods and services: Food service, consumer packaged goods, consumer durables, sporting events 
  • Industrial goods and services: Oil and gas, transportation (rail, package), electric utilities, consulting industry, transaction processing, information technology, real      estate 
  • Venture capital and private equity: Venture capital, real estate finance, private equity (due diligence)
  • Government: Federal government, state government, civic projects

1983-1984  U.S. Department of the Treasury  Washington, D.C. 

Executive Assistant (Policy Advisor) to the Deputy Secretary. Sole policy advisor to the second ranking official in the department. Coordinated (for the Deputy Secretary) U.S. response to LDC debt crisis (including working personally with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Served (with Deputy Secretary) as intermediary between Britain and Argentina to remove financial sanctions set up during Falkland Islands War. Negotiated (with Deputy Secretary) the opening of the Japanese capital markets to foreigners. Developed and reviewed certain Customs and other law enforcement strategies.


1976-1978  Harvard Business School   Boston

Master of Business Administration (with Distinction). According to Dean of Admissions, only person ever admitted directly from his junior year of college. Dean’s List every semester. 

1973-1976  Rice University   Houston

Bachelor of Arts (Managerial Studies/Architectural Studies). Degree awarded in 1978, by transferring credits from graduate school (see above). Received special permission to attend without graduating high school. Dean's List every semester.