Our Principles

The Coyne Partnership undertakes projects with a select group of clients, but only when it is consistent with a set of tightly held beliefs, and when we believe that we can add unique value
We aspire to work only on the highest value added portions of a client’s issues

Thus, our projects will typically take 3 to 20 days of our personal time, not 3 to 6 months of junior analysts' time. We do not seek to do any part of a project that the client organization can do on its own.

The client must always be able to trust that we are absolutely professional and objective

We can and will “call it as we see it” every time. We will state our views respectfully and professionally, but we will not refrain from providing difficult or unwelcome views just because those views might make client managers less likely to want to work with us in the future. If necessary to create an atmosphere of complete objectivity, we are willing to recuse ourselves ahead of time from any follow-on work that may result from a particular project.

The client must always be able to trust that we will provide the most rigorous thought process, one that combines the very best of consulting expertise with real world executive experience and academic research

All of our high value added work will be carried out by our principals (Kevin, Shawn, and Edward). We will not create a firm that leverages junior people by asking them to make guesses at judgments only senior people can make. We will utilize state of the art techniques, and explicitly check the literature to understand how our views fit with academic and empirical research.

We will not seek to “continuously” serve a client

We do not need to press for more work, or to suggest expansions of projects. We will suggest a project to a client only when we would personally choose to retain ourselves if we were in the client's situation.